About the Author

Aaron L. Carter is a story-teller, a novelist, and a writer of prose. His books include Boyhood Adventures, Wings of Valor, and The Troubleshooter. He was born in Texarkana, Arkansas on 29 October 1946. Boyhood Adventures, is a work of fiction, based on true events experienced by Aaron and his two friends, Dennis and Frank in 1953. “Wings of Valor” is his second fictional story based on the author’s personal experience as a combat helicopter aircrew member with the First Marine Air Wing in the Republic of South Vietnam from August of 1966 to September of 1968. “The Troubleshooter” is a historical fiction novel. It is set in the European theater of the Second World War, beginning in 1944, shortly after the Normandy invasion. The story takes the reader on a frantic ride involving intrigue, suspense and pursuit of justice on the part of the main character.


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