I’m one of those writers who doesn’t do well with interruptions. I work in an office adjacent to my living room. Our open concept means I have no office door … no real privacy.
I’m also one of those writers married to a woman I love. I’m lucky. She wants to share everything with me: her latest painting; her new hobby, etc. Throughout the day, as I busy myself with writing, she’ll pop into my office to share something requiring my undivided attention. She seems oblivious to the fact that I’m hip deep in a scene in my book requiring a degree of creativity. It’s frustrating because after she’s done sharing her excitement over something important to her, I have to restart my creative engine; not always easy!

The hard part is, I can’t say anything without bruising my wife’s tender feelings. One would think, after 44 years of marriage, we would have worked through this conundrum, but it is what it is. My wife’s tender feelings are more important to me than my creative process.