The genre of my first book was historical fiction. Boyhood Adventures had a word count of 55,000. The book I’m working on now, Wings of Valor, is also a historical fiction book with a planned word count of 100,000 – 110,000. Why the difference? Literary agents say that first books, by unknown authors, are more marketable if short and sweet. But I’ve also learned that I can’t believe everything I hear. More importantly, it depends on who’s doing the advising. An abundance of agents I’ve been listening to lately have me relying on their counsel that word count is important. So, I get it. But I also know, you damn well better have something worthwhile to say if you’re gonna get wordy. So now I’m hip deep in Wings of Valor. I’m on chapter two and up to 6,000 words. The book will have ten chapters. So, doing the math keeps me on my toes. My writing style is that of a pantser, meaning I write by the seat of my pants. The style works for me. But I’m not averse to plotting, at least in forming the basic idea of the story. The good news is that I’m enjoying writing chapter two. I believe the word count will be about 9,000 by the time I’m done. I love being a writer, but it can be stressful.