In a former post, I expressed my feelings about the eternal nature of study for an aspiring reality fiction writer such as myself. In my pursuit of books I consider essential to my continuing education, I have had the good fortune to acquire a book entitled, “The Magic of Fiction,” by Beth Hill. Beth is a free-lance fiction editor, dedicated to helping writers improve their craft. She recently offered a free copy of her book to members of her blog (The Editor’s Blog).

I’ve only just begun my study of her book, but I feel edified already. Though “self-editing” scares me to death, I believe her advice will lead me to make decisions, and take action that will be in the best interest of my career as a fiction writer. For the moment, I really don’t trust myself to self-edit. I believe I’m far too passionate about my work to be sufficiently critical. At this moment, I feel certain I will be seeking professional editing services. But that’s one of the reasons I feel her book is so important to writers like myself. Notwithstanding my skepticism about self-editing, she offers solid and useful advice, worthy of serious consideration.

For my friends who are writers themselves, I recommend Beth’s book as a study guide. If you study it yourself, please let me know what you think of it.