On Friday 12 June, i underwent back surgery for spinal stenosis, and a few related ailments. Since then, I have been laboring through the challenges of physical therapy. Being a Marine, my mentality on the subject of physical therapy echoes something once said by Sir Stirling Moss after his Formula One crash at Goodwood, England.

“No exercise is any good, boy, unless you push it to the absolute limit.”

Pursuant to our mutual philosophy regarding the subject, i am finding that physical therapy / exercise is arduous, demanding, and takes the wind out of my sails in a big way. Yesterday, I was determined to attend my church meetings. At first, i was full of energy. It felt so great to see friends I hadn’t seen in weeks. The meeting began at 1:00pm. But after less than thirty minutes, the room began to spin around. I was sitting perfectly still, but the room wasn’t. My wife had to drive me home and I missed the second speaker.

Everyone keeps telling me to SLOW DOWN – TAKE IT EASY – DON’T PUSH SO HARD. It’s not the Marine way but i’m trying hard to reach a comprimise. Thanks to all my supporters for your encouragement.