Most every day is the same for me. I spend the first fifteen minutes in scripture study. Then I read something from the book of the day. This morning, that book was The Kick-Ass Writer by Chuck Wendig.

I suppose it fair to expect my more educated colleagues to disapprove of my idea of an educational textbook. I fully realize that Chuck’s book probably wasn’t included in the textbooks recommended at better universities. But I can’t afford to study at Stanford or BYU, so I get my text books from Amazon. And I have to say, for this humble story-teller, Chuckey hit the nail on the head. I felt as though he had me in mind as he offered advice to “aspiring writers.” Every morsel seemed like manna from heaven. Well, maybe not from heaven, as his vocabulary is less than reverent. But his advice is sound and timely.

I suppose education is a matter of accepting the fact that study is endless. While universities must pick and choose textbooks that sustain their syllabus, my personal educational process is, “…cram as much learning in my cerebral cortex as humanly possible.” I may not agree with every point of doctrine I read as I study, but I must sample it, consider it, and decide whether or not to incorporate it in my professional paradigm. Today, my time with Chuck Wendig was well spent. Irreverent, but well spent.