Manuscript editing is a tough job. I really can’t trust myself to the task because I’m not as objective as others who’ve volunteered to do the job for me. My wife, Gail; my Sister-in-Law, Leanne; and my son, Brian are all chipping in as watchdogs on the project. I must admit to being surprised at the errors they’re finding: simple things I passed over without a discerning glance.

Manuscript submission closely follows the editor’s green flag of approval. This will be a moment long awaited. For me, being published by a “vanity” agency is nothing compared to being published by a legitimate publishing house. It’s a right of passage. It’s the difference between purchasing a BS degree based on a lifetime of acquired knowledge and a degree earned from an accredited university like BYU. One might like to believe one is as credible as the other, but it just ain’t so!

So, the month of April – May 2015 will be an apex in my writing career. I hope the experience turns out to be everything I’ve worked for.