These days, my life as a creative writer is a “learn-as-you-earn” experience. Some part of every day is spent reading books like, Strunk & White’s, “The Elements of Style.” Susan Thurman’s, “The Only Grammar Book You’ll Ever Need.” And, “Webster’s New World English Grammar Handbook” There are many other books o’ learnin’ on my educational / reference book shelf, but I don’t want to bore you with an endless list.

Below my educational / reference book shelf is my literary book shelf. Now there’s a heavily-laden plank of wood! I consider every one of those literary works an important facet of my education. So, even at the age of 68, I’m still pumpin’ those cerebral neurons over the mental exercise yard. I guess you could say that I subscribe to the concept of “learnin’ is earnin’.”

My good friend, Courtney Alameda, buckled up and piloted through the task of earning a degree in the field of English Literature at BYU. My path of agony is less formal, but – I believe – just as arduous. It involves study of endless books written by folks having more expertise in the art of creative writing than I. Either way, I believe, the only pathway to success as an author / writer is by way of perpetual learning; whether home taught or at BYU. Having said that, can you guess what my next education pursuit will entail? Yep. BYU or bust. But I have to do the work at home and not on campus. We old folks require more naps between bouts of learning.