I’m loving the craziness comprising my world of creative writing these days. Despite being known as “Mister one-thing-at-a-time,” I can’t seem to avoid the temptation to go helter-skelter in my writing regimen.

Yesterday I devoted five hours to working on Haunted Haunts. I had a great time adding humor, reinforcing plot, and refining character development. As I entered the late afternoon hours, I ventured into research for The Troubleshooter. This was a good news / bad news experience. There are significant challenges inherent to writing believable fiction about the LAPD in 1949. LAPD history is wonderful but surprisingly limited; not classified, just limited. Using Los Angeles as a location is not without snares and pitfalls. Plot and dialog are effected by seemingly insignificant things like streets and highways that have changed significantly since 1941. Using post-war Venezuela as a location poses its own set of challenges. Moving the story forward will be like maneuvering across a mine field. As far as Los Angeles geography is concerned, Harvard street may well exist today, but did it exist in 1949? Describing activity on a street that didn’t exist at the time represented can result in a high casualty rate among would-be fans of my work. And I haven’t even begun the task of researching venues in war-time Germany. What have I gotten myself in to? And why am I classifying this as FUN? The world of creative writing can truly be a mad, mad, world, but it is most certainly a fun ride.