Every river has its origin as a trickle of water moving along a furrow of the earth. Tributary rainfall finds its way to the furrow, forming a stream. Over time, the stream becomes wider and water flows more forcefully under the effects of gravity. As more water joins the stream, it becomes a river, and finds a path to a lake or an ocean, giving it life.

I believe creative writing is analogous to the formation of a river, along with its intended purpose. I find it interesting that during Lehi’s travels in the wilderness, he refers to a river of water as though comparing it to a dry river bed. Each furrow of the earth is capable of directing a flow of water, but without water, there is no contribution to life.

Creative writers are advised to read every day. Plagiarism is a deep, dark sin but learning from the works of gifted writers is a staple of writing success. A writer who fails to read can become a dry river bed, unable to assimilate ambient water and sustain creative flow. Personally, I’ve found it beneficial to dedicate at least one hour each day to reading. Shakespeare is over my head and I lack the fortitude to tackle War and Peace. But I read every day. It is the tributary rainfall that sustains my river of water.