So, yesterday, there I was, wondering what my next creative writing project might be. “Haunted Haunts” is in the final stage of proofreading / editing. “Wings of Valor” will be done by the end of October. Both of those books were seven parts personal recollection combined with three parts imagination. I suppose it makes perfect sense to be wondering, “what next?” Well, right in the midst of wonder, inspiration kicked in and I found the key elements of “The Troubleshooter” flooding into my mind.

This experience has helped me to more fully appreciate the difference between inspiration and imagination. I believe both are important gifts for any aspiring writer. I can imagine a story line all day long, but without inspiration, I think I’d be flogging a dead horse. I believe it’s important to take time on occasion, and thank my Father in Heaven for the gifts he’s given me; especially the gift of inspiration.