Personal memories have played a big part in my form of creative writing; thus far. Boyhood Adventures, Haunted Haunts, and Wings of Valor, are all works of fiction based on true-to-life events: my true-to-life experiences. This has caused me to wonder what I will write after all three works have been published. So far, because I’ve relied so much on personal recall, writing has been relatively easy. My next book will be a lot more challenging.

“The Troubleshooter” will be a work of fiction, void of even a modicum of personal recollection. Research needed to compose the book will be extensive. It will be set in the late 1940’s and have something of a Sam Spade feel to it. The main character is Sven Eriksson, a former Army intelligence officer, now working as a detective with the Los Angeles Police Department. Under extraordinary circumstances, Det. Eriksson finds himself in the hunt for a person of interest in a homicide case. The person of interest is later identified by Det. Eriksson as a German war criminal, responsible for pursuing and assassinating more than two hundred members of the French underground. As a U.S. Army intelligence officer, Captain Eriksson came to suspect that the assassin was also a key figure in the execution of at least twenty American and allied escaped prisoners of war. Det. Eriksson knows the assassin to be a cold-blooded, psychopathic killer, but why is he operating in Los Angeles? Why is he not cowering in Venezuela among other German war criminals?