I agree with something said by the writer, Patrick F. McManus. He said he makes every effort to keep a daily schedule, allotting two hours each day for creative writing. I have found it valuable to adopt a schedule as well, but I’m not doing the same thing every morning at 10:00am. My morning, afternoon, and evening activities vary with the shifting winds of family life. Even as a retired empty-nester, demands for my time continue. I’m active in Scouting. I serve as a member of my local VFW post. I have a church job, and, because I’m retired and my wife still works, I’m the official House Mouse: I cook, I clean, I shop. But – as does the esteemed Mr. McManus, I dedicate two hours each day to creative writing. Today, I’m proof-reading Haunted Haunts, a sequel to Boyhood Adventures. So, like every other human being in our solar system, my life is a complex balancing act.